Leonid Afremov will never let you down! — 03.11.2015

Leonid Afremov will never let you down!

Side by side with art

Would you believe me if I say that fine art is everywhere? Let me prove it. Imagine your ordinary morning. The alarm clock wakes you up. It’s pink and has bunny ears – someone invented its design. A warm blanket that doesn’t let you go didn’t just appear from nowhere – somebody thought about its color and quality. When you finally get up and put on your slippers, tell me how they look like. Even if you prefer simplicity, your children will wear fluffy animal slippers for sure. At 8 o’clock it’s time for breakfast, hurry up! But what kind of toasts are you going to make today? With jam, butter, cheese, mushrooms? Will you decorate them with basil and lemon? Maybe cooking doesn’t belong to fine arts, but it requires imagination too. Even staying at home, you face art at every step.

How do you rest?

Different art forms give us relaxation and something to think about. Look at the list of things which make me happy. We have a lot in common, don’t we?

  1. What can be better than a cool action with Bruce Willis?
  2. If the song is good, it haunts me even when I fall asleep.
  3. I read anecdotes to remember some for my work in circus.
  4. Sarcastic poetry. It helps me chill out after another visit of my mother-in-law.
  5. Fine art auctions online. Though I’m not a shopaholic, I like purchasing paintings. I always try to find a canvas at cut rates.
  6. I don’t go there very often, but I like the atmosphere. This place and my circus are two complete opposites.

My jackpot!

You never know where fine art auctions will lead you. Sometimes you make yourself stop before you spend all the money. Sometimes you buy a picture but stay disappointed about its quality. ‘At least, it was cheap’, you say desperately. But fine art auction results can be rather delightful too! I felt it when three months ago I bought an oil painting by Leonid Afremov. I hadn’t heard about this artist until I saw his spectacular works. It was love at first sight. I can say that his masterpieces are an integral part of modern fine art. He’s got talent, style, taste and millions of admirers all around the world! Charming landscapes and still lifes by Leonid Afremov can melt any girl’s heart. So if you feel guilty, you know what to do!

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Nasty pets — 31.10.2015

Nasty pets

Our best friends are animals. Even the President has a pet. Look, here’s his Bo https://www.whitehouse.gov/photos-and-video/photogallery/presidential-pets. In our circus there are plenty of them – a tiger, a boa, a cat, a monkey, two lions, three poodles and a bear. They keep me company every day. In winter I take the poodles home and we spend holidays together as one great family: Kinky, Tinky, Winky, me and my angry girlfriend. She’s allergic to dogs, so it’s a torture for her. However, I always know what to give her for Christmas – a dozen of handkerchiefs! Stacy can grumble but she never takes offence. When I asked her to knit pretty sweaters for the dogs, she told me I was totally crazy. But about a few days later Tinky, Winky and Kinky looked stylish and their small bodies were warm.

I adore animals. I can say that each inhabitant of the circus is dear to me. If it hadn’t been for Ralph, our chimpanzee… Once I risked taking him home. Everything was good until my mother-in-law, Ms Green, came to see us. She was sitting on the couch, unaware of the monkey’s existence. Don’t know what exactly attracted Ralph’s attention, but I favor the banana print of her shirt. The chimpanzee raced past me and Stacy, jumped on Ms Green’s knees and bit her shoulder. I never heard anything louder than that! So here’s my advice – you’d better feed your monkey before it bites your mother-in-law. Or not!

So who am I? — 28.10.2015

So who am I?

You might have met me in Seattle. I’ve got curly red hair and I like to wear striped socks. I put on my make up every day, though I’m a man. What? No, I’m not an actor but you’re close! Here’s another prompt: when I fall, people don’t feel sorry for me – they laugh. No idea? Ok, then after reading the next prompt you’ll certainly guess what my job is. So … I’m the mascot of McDonald’s! Yes, yes, you’re right, I’m a clown. My real name is Henry Parker. But children call me Hilarious Henry because I always play jokes and smile broadly. I love what I do!